Exploring the Ethics of Whistleblowing

Imagine this scenario: You and a colleague – let’s call him “Ed” – have worked together in the accounting department of a mid-sized corporation for several years and earn roughly the same salary. You’ve noticed that Ed has made several major purchases over the past year or so – a brand-new luxury automobile, an expensive […]

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Business Principles for Countering Bribery

As companies continue to focus on global expansion to take advantage of growth opportunities in emerging markets around the world, they may also become more susceptible to bribery. Many U.S.-based companies quickly discover that taking or offering bribes is an accepted and even expected business practice in many foreign nations. However, the implementation of stricter […]

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How to Prevent Workplace Retaliation Claims – and Preserve Ethics and Compliance Program Integrity in the Process

Establishing an ethics and compliance program is an important – and necessary – step for any organization that wants to maintain a strong ethical cultural. However, workplace retaliation claims can undermine your program’s integrity and even make your organization the target of a lawsuit. They can also cause significant damage to your organization’s reputation and […]

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Developing Ethics and Compliance Programs for Small to Medium-Sized Organizations

While ethical breaches that occur in Fortune 500 companies tend to get the most publicity, they also happen with great frequency in small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). According to the National Defense Industrial Association, the overwhelming majority of organizations that are suspended or debarred from engaging in government contract work due to ethical misconduct are […]

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The Difficult Demands on the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

New regulations and greater enforcement both domestically and abroad are putting increased pressures on compliance officers. In the United States, regulatory bodies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, are upping their enforcement efforts due to newly enacted laws and published regulations, as well as being provided with greater enforcement personnel. Andrew Careens, the SEC’s co-director […]

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