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Build Your Own Training Kit

  • Select 3 eLearning Courses
  • PLUS Online Learning Management System

Kit Contents: Training Courses

Select any three (3) of these most popular courses to support your organization.

Harassment Prevention Suite

You will select the best course for your employees based on their role at your organization (manager or employee) as well as their individual locations. In addition to our broader global and multi-state training, we offer courses based on mandatory state requirements for CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, and NY.

Duration: varies based on state requirements

Ethics & Code of Conduct

This course introduces the concept of business ethics and highlights the company code of ethics and/or business conduct, while also discussing responsibilities, procedures, and “whistleblower” protections associated with reporting ethics and/or legal violations.

Duration: 25 mins.

Speak Up! Raising Workplace Concerns

This microlearning course covers the importance of a “speak up” workplace culture where everyone is committed and encouraged to raise concerns about questionable conduct. It also addresses how learners can effectively speak up to increase the chances for a concern to be understood.

Duration: 8 mins.

Cyber Security Basics

This course provides an overview of key cyber and information security concepts while educating employees to help protect and defend computer systems and sensitive information from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

Duration: 30 mins.

Diversity and Inclusion: Valuing Differences for Mutual Success

This microlearning course provides an overview of key elements of promoting workplace diversity and inclusion.

Duration: 8 mins.

COVID-19 and Return to Work

This course overviews the health and safety practices that will help businesses to meet state training requirements and protect employees when returning to work following the COVID-19 quarantine.

Duration: 20 mins.

Kit Content: Learning Management System

This package also includes our easy-to-deploy online platform that allows your learners to access the training courses anytime and anywhere they need it.
Flexible User Interface

A responsive design allows users to organize course catalog displays across different devices and displays.

Communication Functionality

Provide customized announcements as well as send notifications to users using the built-in inbox.

Robust Data Management

Customizable user groups, activity log tracking and infinite reporting possibilities.

Personalized Intelligent Dashboard

From training plans to in-progress training, to emails, view what needs to be addressed, at a glance.

Flexible Search Features

Set different search features, based on the organization’s emphasis.

Accessibility Compliant

Learning paths meet both 508 and WCAG standards

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