Why? When an employee witnesses unethical or illegal activity, they are put in a difficult position. While they know the actions are wrong and should be reported, they may worry that in doing so they may be interrogated, retaliated against or no longer trusted by superiors. Some may even believe that their whistle-blowing will lead to their termination.

By providing your employees the opportunity to contact a third-party hotline, you are creating a safe, convenient way for them to report infractions while remaining anonymous if they wish. All of our call center representatives take a pledge of confidentiality and enter reports through a protected system. By promoting the fact that your hotline is operated by an impartial third party instead of in-house personnel, you can also increase the chances that it will be used. According to a recent study, 71 percent of hotline users would not notify their supervisor of a suspected issue and that more than half desire to remain anonymous.*

By offering Lighthouse’s independent third-party hotline service to your employees, you are taking an important step toward improving the effectiveness of communications within your organization, as well as creating a healthy, ethical work environment. Lighthouse helps you put the safety and peace of mind of your valued employees first, which can mean a happier, more productive workforce.

*CSO Executive Council, The Network, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners