Choose as many designated recipients as you wish to receive notification that a report has been received. Depending on the structure of your organization, you can select different designated recipients based on the nature of the report or other criteria you select, such as location or division.

Reports Include:

We are committed to providing fast and comprehensive responses to your questions and concerns. You are assigned a dedicated Lighthouse contact person who will work closely with you and answer any questions you have about a report. If you need additional information during the course of your investigation, whenever possible we will act as an intermediary by contacting the complainant on your behalf.

Lighthouse also offers alternate report routing so that if a recipient for reports is named as an offender in a report you can provide us with alternate report routing instructions so that the offender is not notified of the report. You can also instruct Lighthouse to withhold alternate routed reports from being accessible in your Case Management System (CMS).

Monthly Summaries

Each month you will also receive a tally of reporting activity for your company, which helps you keep track of all incidents and identify possible areas of concern regarding your ethics program.

All reports are permanently retained for the benefit and convenience of your company. You never have to worry about having access to all the documentation you need should litigation arise.

Create and Manage Reports

With your CMS you will have the capability to create a variety of easy to read reports that can be issued to key personnel within your organization on a “need to know” basis.

Analytics - Report Dashboard

Your CMS comes equipped with an advanced analytics dashboard with a view to all key metrics and trends and the ability to drill down to details using a comprehensive and easy to understand set of user controls.

CMS report dashboard

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