We support our suite of ethics and compliance hotline solutions with expert investigation services that can help your organization attain an impartial, expedient outcome for all parties involved in a hotline report.

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Our investigation services can offer guidance to organizations that do not have the in-house resources to conduct a thorough investigation, as well as for complex ethics and compliance incidents that may be beyond the scope of an internal staff’s expertise. Our consultants also offer reliable support that allows organizations to move forward with confidence when investigating highly sensitive reports involving high-ranking executives or board members, or when the possibility of litigation exists.

Specific investigation services offerings include:

Available to Lighthouse Services domestic and international clients, our services are delivered by our accomplished team of non-employee strategic partners who bring years of relevant experience to the investigative process.

Lighthouse Services provides one hour of consultation with an investigation services provider at no charge. Arrangements for additional services
can be made with the strategic partner.

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