The Advantages of E-Learning

Our e-learning program is ideal for any company committed to providing an ethical work environment. E-learning provides numerous benefits for your organization and offers several advantages over more traditinal classroom training.

Reduced costs
E-learning courses are typically less expensive to implement than classroom courses, and Web-based courses eliminate the need to download expensive software. You also won’t have to bear the expense of sending your employees to off-site training locations. Our flexible "launches-based" pricing model ensures that you'll get the most from your online learning investment.

User-friendly learning experience
E-learning allows users to work at their own pace, without the added pressure of a classroom environment. Users can access the courses at their convenience and can review material as often as they wish, which can result in increased user satisfaction.

Hosted Learning Management System (LMS)
Our hosted solution provides a flexible, robust and intuitive Learning Management System. From online course delivery to full-featured learning management, the LMS allows you to offer a wide range of learning opportunities across your organization. You’ll also have access to a host of other useful features such as centralized training records, course tracking and program management.

Consistent message
Organizations with multiple locations can ensure the same material is accessible to all members. There are no concerns about the message being skewed due to instructor bias.

Ease of updating
Course material can be updated quickly and easily, ensuring your employees can stay current with the latest developments relating to ethics.

Protect your assets, board of directors, management and employees.

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