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Compliance and reporting hotlines allow you to monitor your business through the eyes of your employees, shareholders, vendors and customers.

Why does your business need a reporting hotline? Check out our list of the 50 Reasons You Need a Hotline and see what issues may be slipping through the cracks.

By establishing a code of conduct for your associates along with the policies and procedures to help enforce it, you can identify potentially harmful issues early and even prevent unacceptable behavior from occurring at all.

Lighthouse Services is dedicated to providing our clients with confidential, anonymous reporting services. We help protect your assets, board of directors, management, and employees. We are an independent third-party hotline provider, which ensures your employees will feel confident their anonymity will be protected.

The sole focus of our business is compliance and ethics hotlines, and our comprehensive program includes internal control and fraud reports, human resource complaints, and ethics and compliance violations.

Our suite of comprehensive hotline services includes everything you need to stop problems before they start

Our hotlines and value-added features are ideal for all types and sizes of business, including:

Our services also meet all regulatory compliance obligations, including:

See all of our hotline Features & Benefits, all included at no additional cost:

Lighthouse provides a full suite of hotline services at affordable prices and a dedicated, experienced staff that blends personal services with streamlined results. Learn more about what sets us apart

Strategic Partnerships – Lighthouse has established long term relationships with exceptional companies who provide ancillary services to support our client's hotline programs.

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Protect your assets, board of directors, management and employees.

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