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50 Reasons Why You Need a
Harassment and Reporting Hotline

No matter your size or your industry, your business is at risk for a variety of legal, operational and financial issues that can negatively impact your work environment, and ultimately, your bottom line. With the help of an anonymous reporting hotline, you can monitor one or more of these issues in all critical areas of your operation:

Criminal Misconduct
1. Bribery
2. Embezzlement
3. Fraud
4. Forgery
5. Insider trading
6. Sabotage
7. Theft
8. Vandalism

9. Age discrimination
10. Ethnic discrimination
11. Gender discrimination

Ethics and Compliance
12. Compliance and regulation violations
13. Code of conduct violations
14. Ethics issues

Financial Issues
15. Accounting controls
16. Accounting errors
17. Audit issues
18. Billing errors or violations
19. Risk detection

General Misconduct
20. Abuse of authority
21. Acceptable use violations
22. Conflict of interest
23. Drug and alcohol abuse
24. Falsifying documents
25. Insubordination
26. Misconduct
27. Misuse of company property


Harassment and Hostility
28. Aggressive behavior
29. Customer mistreatment
30. Harassment
31. Hostile work environment
32. Mistreatment
33. Retaliation
34. Sexual harassment
35. Threats
36. Violence

Human Resources Issues
37. Employee communications
38. Overtime violations
39. Wrongful termination

Partner Relations
40. Shareholder concerns
41. Vendor concerns

Privacy and Security
42. HIPAA violations
43. Identity theft
44. Information security
45. Privacy issues
46. Security issues

47. Environmental hazards
48. Global crisis notification
49. OSHA violations
50. Unsafe working conditions


Find out how Lighthouse can help you reduce the hidden risks and costs of unethical behavior and protect your company and its employees.

  No matter your size or industry, your business is at risk.



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